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Arteris is a leading provider of interconnect and other intellectual property (“IP”) technology that manages the on-chip communications in System-on-Chip (“SoC”) semiconductor devices. Our products enable our customers to deliver increasingly complex SoCs that not only process data but are also able to make decisions. Growth in the total addressable market for our solutions is being driven by fast-growing market segments such as artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML), autonomous driving & electric vehicles, and the buildout of 5G wireless infrastructure. These markets demand highly complex chips consisting of more processors, machine learning accelerators, memory access channels, chiplets, input/output interfaces and other subsystems. The growth in the complexity and numbers of these connected on-chip subsystems places an increasing premium on the on-chip interconnect IP’s capability to optimize data flow within these SoCs and drives adoption of our IP deployment technology to accelerate the SoC development process.

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